Idyll Consults is a bespoke international recruitment agency that came into existence due to a desire to offer quality and professional services to the overwhelming number of Nigerian students wishing to study abroad. Our major target is to make the process of obtaining international education stressless and risk free. In other to achieve this we made customer satisfaction and feedback the primary focus of our professional activities. Due to the critical nature of the industry we have made our advisory/counseling services free of charge for our students as our partner universities take care of our operating cost. We aim to assist in educating the world and making the world one small globalized village.  

With our vast experience in student counseling, we seek to offer the best possible advice ranging from student recruitment to placement of actual study till graduation, With the primary focus of being the Nigerian market that seek to make the business of studying abroad as easy and accessible as possible.


We source and process applications for prospective students to choice schools all over the world. With several partnerships with schools cutting across Europe, America, Asia and Africa we are one of Nigeria’s most enterprising agency per excellence.


To be the number one go-to agency for international students thereby bringing education to all and sundry. We aim to make international education easily accessible for everyone by being the bridge between education providers and prospective students.